Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Writing midterm Oct. 25-31

The midterm will consist of some matching questions, questions and answers, one sentence answers and paragraph answer questions.

Examples below

Monday, 9 October 2017

Speaking midterm, October 25-31

Tentative (시험적인)

With a partner - you choose partner - have three of the following conversations - Brian chooses conversations
Each conversation should be 5-7 lines each.

1) In this neighborhood, where is the ____? How do I get there? Brian provides map. (based on p97 and 99)
A: Follow these directions.
________. Where are you?
B: Follow these directions.
______. Where are you?

2) A: Give two invitations.  B: 1) no, 2) yes - when, where? (based on p113)

3) A: Ask about exercise. B: talk about exercise (based on p111)

4) A: Describe a personality using frequency phrases. B: Name the personality (based on p116, 120)

5) A: ask to borrow something. B: NO, but..... (based on p127)

6) A & B: talk about plans for the future (p128, 130, 134)  Comment on same and different plans.

Unit 9a, Speaking and writing

Remember homework due next week - presentation or essay on habits.

Midterm Exam October 25-31.