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Tues Sept 26 presentation subjects

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Monday Sept 25 homework topics

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Writing and speaking homework #3: Habits. Due Oct 18-24

Note: No classes all next week! Oct 2~6, no classes for Chuseok.
Note: No classes Oct 9!
Note No classes Oct 17!
Oct 10-16, we will start unit 9.
Oct 18~ homework #3 is due.
Oct 25~31: Midterm Exams!!
habits homework

Think about your own habits, good and bad. What should you change?

Speaking: Solo presentation 1:15~1:45 in length
Tell us about a good habit you have or are trying to have. How does it affect your life/ or How can it affect your life? Use at least one image or slide, up to a maximum of 4 slides.

Writing: Write about a good habit you have or are trying to have. How does it affect your life/ or How can it affect your life?

This homework will be taped to the wall of our classroom and you must comment on three other homework pages. This means you must write in a large font (This size is good. So is this!) and leave space for others to add their comments.

Speaking example:

Hello everyone. I found I was sitting at my computer desk too long and eating too many snacks.

Once I got a dog, things improved greatly. I now spend an hour a day - and sometimes more - walking my dog. The walking is good exercise but there are more benefits.
An hour of walking means an hour away from the fridge. An hour out of my computer chair. So it stops me from snacking too much.
I need to walk the dog before I come to university so I always get up early. This bit of organization is good for me. I wake up early everyday so I can walk her.
I don't think I have much stress, but petting and playing with a dog is good for relieving stress.
Thank you.
Writing example
Brian Dean, 
Student # 00000
Course # 11059-_ _
Year  1st.
Most people have good ideas
often. But they forget them.
If you want to have a lot of good ideas,
you must write them down. Or, maybe,
record them on your phone.
I think writing in a book is better than typing
into a computer or speaking
into the audio recorder.
Opening a book, planning what you write,
and adding a diagram or picture helps you
A good habit is to always carry a notebook with you.
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