Tuesday, 5 December 2017

11 B Risks and adventure

Final speaking exam Question # 4 reads

4) A and B discuss being adventurous and risk-taking (p163)

How can we make this a conversation?


A: I have two plans for tonight. Which is better? See a movie or go to Itaewon?
B: Movies! I like movies.
A: I know, but we always go to movies. Itaewon might be fun.
B: It might be scary. There are a lot of foreigners there and strange food.
A: Yeah! It will be exciting to try something new.
B: No, I would like to watch Avengers #7.
A: It won't be different from any of the others, you know.
B: Yeah. It will be big and bright and exactly the same as the others.
A: <Yawn.>

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