Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Unit 12: writing about movies

I like ___1_____ movies. My favourite ____1___ movie is _____2________.
1 kind of movie: fantasy, western, ...
2 name: Lord of the rings, Oasis, Wonderful days...

The best part of the movie is the _______3_____.
3 plot, acting, actors, setting/ locations,
special effects (CGI, Practical)

The worst part of the movie is _____________3______ but that isn't too bad.

The plot is ___________________________________________

LOTR: Four hobbits leave their village to visit an elf town. There they join a group of adventurers; humans, a wizard, a dwarf and an elf, and together try to destroy a magic ring.
 Past or Present tense are common. Describe the first half of the movie but don't give spoilers.

We need more detail than: The good guy joins a spy organization and fights an villain trying to take over the world. This movie could be Kingsman, James Bond, Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious, ... 
Eggsie joins a secret spy organization and learn how to use secret gadgets and weapons. Then he fights a villain trying to kill people with free phones.

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