Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Speaking final exam!!!

More details will appear here and could change until Dec 6.

The final exam will consist of 1 tongue twister and 3 conversations.

You should have a partner for the conversations or Brian can be your partner.

Tongue twisters (Brian chooses one of these)(__/3):
The dog dug by the duck on the dock.
These thoughtful thespians drink that tea to soothe their throats.
I eat rice not lice really regularly.
She sells seashells by the seashore.
I think you like to drink and eat very much.

Conversations (__/9  X3):
These conversations should be 5-7 lines each. Excellent English will get 8/9. Excellent English plus a new, creative conversation will get 9/9.

1) A is sick. B asks what is wrong and offers remedies. (p145)

2) A has too much stress. B offers advice to ease the stress.(p149,152)

3) A does or shows something. B offers a compliment. (p159)

4) A and B discuss being adventurous and risk-taking (p163)

5)A and B talk about a movie (joongbucat blog post)

Scoring tongue twisters
I will give you the tongue twister before I question you -you will have time to read it and prepare.
I will look for speed, hesitation and pronunciation.

Conversation scoring
Both partners involved - I can mark one student higher and one lower.
good English - grammar and word choice, specific, not general
"I played a game" - not good
"I played Overwatch" - good detail
Not identical to model - both partners creative.
varied speed, tone and body language in natural speaking.

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