Wednesday, 26 April 2017

2nd Year Writing unit 4a

1st Year Speaking Unit 4a

What is a good, lesser-known place to visit in Korea? Be ready to tell the class - speak for one minute.
You can show pictures if you prepare the computer ahead of class. You do NOT need pictures.

Brian's Example: "Busan's Seokbulsa is a beautiful temple few people know about."

"Take the subway to Mandeok Stn and use Exit 1. Walk along the highway and turn left before the tunnel. The hike will take an hour to get to the temple. You can hike back or go over the mountain to the more famous Peomosa Temple."

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

중 writing Midterm Exam

Your writing exam will have 

  • 10 multiple choice questions, (10 points)
  • 3 matching questions, (9 points)
  • 5 fill-in-the-blank questions, and (5 points)
  • 1 long answer question. (6 points)

Example Multiple Choice question:
____    5.   Simone ____ piano lessons on Saturdays.


Example Matching question
a. dating

b. have jobs in the same place

c. someone you know, but not well

____ 1. coworker
____ 2. going out
____ 3. acquaintance

Example fill-in-the-blanks question
DIRECTIONS: Complete each sentence with the simple past form of the verb in parentheses.
I (forget) ____________________ to pick up milk at the store.
Example essay question

Write 3-100 sentences (3 are fine).
Tell me about a time you missed class. Why did you miss class?

In class, we covered pages: 2,3,4,8,9,10,14,15,16,17,18

Possible essay subjects: An introduction, my schedule, food I like, What restaurant I should eat at, good or bad luck, my opinion on a mystery,

Monday, 10 April 2017

중 Speaking Midterm Exam

Tentative Midterm Exam 
Second Year Speaking
1 conversation, 1 listening exercise and 6 questions from Brian: 2 from each unit

1) Ask and answer two questions about the other student's past (p14).
2) Arrange to meet your classmate this weekend for lunch (p21). Refuse the first suggestion but accept the second suggestion.
3) Ask and answer two questions about diet and food.
4) Ask and answer three questions each about a lucky event (p33).

Listen to the conversation and answer 4 Multiple Choice questions and 4 fill-in-the-blank questions.

Unit 1:
1) Picture: What is their relationship? (example picture below - exam pic will be different!)

2) Tell Brian three things about your typical (not exams) day.
3) Ask Brian two past tense questions.
4) Tell Brian three things about your past.

Unit 2:
1) Tell Brian about a favorite food. How does it taste?
2) Taste this food. How does it taste - use two or more taste words from the mnemonic we did in class?
3) Compare two pictures. Note 4 differences (p23).  (example picture below - exam pic will be different!)

4) Tell Brian 5 things about your health.
5) Tell Brian about three things in Korea or your life that are the best or worst or otherwise superlative.

Unit 3:
1) What do Koreans do for luck? Do you have a lucky shirt or talisman?
2) If you won 10,000 won, what would you do? 100,000 won? 1,000,000 won? 10,000,000 won?
3) Tell Brian how you felt when you saw the magic trick. Use 'Doubt', 'bet', 'unlikely', maybe' or 'perhaps'. in your answer.
4) Does your blood type affect your behavior? Tell Brian why or why not. \Use 'figure out', 'solve', 'investigate', 'theory', 'make sense' or 'proof'' in your answer.
5) Do aliens exist? Tell Brian why you think so (p42).

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

중 Writing 3a~

초 unit 3a

Tentative plan for midterm exam:
Spring Speaking First Year
I will ask students one or two questions from each unit.
Students will also have one conversation and listen to one recording.

Unit 1
Ask Brian 5 introduction questions. Start with yourself.
What is your email address?
Ask Brian three types of questions (similar to page 8).
Brian asks you three types of questions (similar to page 8).
Part b
What do you look like?
What does Brian look like?
Describe someone in this picture.

Unit 2
Look at the picture. What is he/she... doing?

Look at the picture. This person is ___ing. Who is it? (p19)
Ask Brian a question about the picture.
Part b
Look at the picture. How does s/he feel?

What does this hand sign mean?
Greet Brian with a western handshake.
Use a pronoun: Look at the picture. How does the man feel about the woman?...

Unit 3
Name three foods in this picture. How many are there/ How much is there?

Tell me a recipe for something - use 4+ foods and use countable/uncountable terms
Part b
Tell me about a recent shopping trip. What did you look at/buy? Where did you go? Did you go alone?...
 Describe the picture (p43). What is in the picture - 'count' and 'noncount nouns and terms.
Unit 1: Introductions
Unit 2: What's wrong?
Unit 3: What do you need for the island. Tell your partner one or two things and explain why (p37)
Unit 3: Shopping conversation -shop for lunch (p44)

p25:  Listen to the conversation. How do they feel?
p35: Listen to the recipe or shopping list. What countable/uncountable mistake do they make?