Wednesday, 5 April 2017

초 unit 3a

Tentative plan for midterm exam:
Spring Speaking First Year
I will ask students one or two questions from each unit.
Students will also have one conversation and listen to one recording.

Unit 1
Ask Brian 5 introduction questions. Start with yourself.
What is your email address?
Ask Brian three types of questions (similar to page 8).
Brian asks you three types of questions (similar to page 8).
Part b
What do you look like?
What does Brian look like?
Describe someone in this picture.

Unit 2
Look at the picture. What is he/she... doing?

Look at the picture. This person is ___ing. Who is it? (p19)
Ask Brian a question about the picture.
Part b
Look at the picture. How does s/he feel?

What does this hand sign mean?
Greet Brian with a western handshake.
Use a pronoun: Look at the picture. How does the man feel about the woman?...

Unit 3
Name three foods in this picture. How many are there/ How much is there?

Tell me a recipe for something - use 4+ foods and use countable/uncountable terms
Part b
Tell me about a recent shopping trip. What did you look at/buy? Where did you go? Did you go alone?...
 Describe the picture (p43). What is in the picture - 'count' and 'noncount nouns and terms.
Unit 1: Introductions
Unit 2: What's wrong?
Unit 3: What do you need for the island. Tell your partner one or two things and explain why (p37)
Unit 3: Shopping conversation -shop for lunch (p44)

p25:  Listen to the conversation. How do they feel?
p35: Listen to the recipe or shopping list. What countable/uncountable mistake do they make?

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