Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The end is near!

November 1-7: Unit 10A
November 8-14: Unit 10B
November 15-21 Homework #4 & Unit 11A
November 22-28, Unit 11B
Nov 29-Dec 6: Homework #5 & Unit 12. A  No Unit 12B
Dec 6-12: Review
Dec 11,12 are Make up classes (보강). No class Dec 13,14
Dec 18-22: Final Exams and Crying!

Speaking classes: I need a form for every presentation you did.
Forms can be very simple - Homework title, Homework number (1,2 or 3), Your name, student number, your class number and a space for your grade.

Homework #4: Health (Score 3%)
Speaking: When were you sick or sore? What did you do to feel better?
Speak for 90 seconds, 1~4 images, No script- 10 keywords okay. Use some body language
Brian's Example:
I dislocated my finger at university:
To help it heal, the doctor made me put my hand in hot wax for ten minutes a day.
I was a speed swimmer and tried to keep swimming even with a sore hand. It hurt a lot.
That was me at Christmas Swim Training Camp, 1987-88. I could barely swim. My hand hurt and my shoulder did, too.
After a few weeks, my hand recovered.

Writing:  Write 5-10 sentences about a time you were sick or sore. What was wrong? How did you treat the problem?
Your answer will be taped to the wall for others to comment on.

Brian's Example:
In 2008, I had Bell's Palsy (종 마비). The right side of my face was paralyzed. I had trouble eating because I couldn't close that side of my mouth. I could not pronounce 'P'. I had trouble teaching.
I went to a hospital and was given a lot of pills. I also went to a Oriental doctor (한의원) and had needles stuck in my face. Some of the needles were electrified and my face jerked and jolted.
Two weeks later, I regained full control of my face and could speak normally again.

Homework #5: Talent (Score 3%)

Speaking: What talent do you have Or what great achievement have you managed?
Speak for 90 seconds, 1~4 images, No script- 10 keywords okay. Use some body language. If you can, give us an example.
Brian's example, Konglish jokes!

Your examples could be: singing, dancing, fitness, game score, artwork, cooking, penmanship, sports skill, ... This should be a fun ending to class!

Writing: Write 5-10 sentences about a talent you have.

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