Sunday, 3 September 2017

Speaking Writing Sept 11 Homework #1

Homework for Unit 7

What is special about your neighbourhood. What do you do there? You DO NOT have to tell us where you live!
Speaking class: Show one image and speak for one  minute. Bring image/ppt on USB or email and bring one page to hand in to Brian
Writing class: Show one image and write 5 to 50 sentences


Speaking Example:

  • Student Name (in Korean)브라이언
  • Student # 00000
  • Course # 11060-_ _
  • Year  00000
  • Grade ______
example homework 1 my neighbourhood.png
One minute's talk about Dog walking, Shopping, Exercise, Travel


Writing Example

  • Student Name (in Korean) 브라이언
  • Student # 000000
  • Course # 11059-_ _
  • Year: 000
  • Grade  ______

example homework 1 my neighbourhood.png
This is my neighbourhood.
I often walk my dog to the Seungki Creek and look at turtles and birds. For other exercise, I hike the local mountain or swim at the Bak Tae Hwan Pool. I like western food so I shop often at E-mart or Homeplus. Blue Club has the cheapest haircuts and I go there once a month. To drive to JBU, I take Expressway 110.

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