Sunday, 28 May 2017

1st year speaking: Final Exam!

1st year spring Final Speaking Exam

One conversation (9 points)
One speech (9 points)
Three questions from Brian. (3 X 4 points)

Or, for soloists:
Two speeches (2 X 9 points), 3 questions from Brian (3 X 4 points)
Grading, scoring
Pronunciation - He shoul드 li크  it. Final consonant should not be emphasized.
Actually answers the question.
Full detail: I watched a movie (2/4). I watched Wonder Woman (4/4). I played a game (2/4) I played Maple Story (4/4).
Fluency or speed. Think about what to say, then say it. Long pauses will cause deductions.

Speech and conversation
Appropriate duration: 50-70 seconds or 4-6 lines each.
Script that was written by students.


Conversations (Brian chooses one of these subjects, you choose partner):
Give and accept advice (p53), Agree and disagree (p67) or Varying levels of certainty (p81)
Conversations should be 4~ 6 lines each and different from the book.

Speeches (You choose one of these subjects):
A trip I went on (unit 4), My Hero (unit 5), My sleep habits or A childhood memory (Unit 6)
Speech should be 50-70 seconds long, include one image (on smart phone). Look at Brian while giving speech. At end of speech, give Brian your script (스스로번역하세요).

Unit 4
How's the weather? - look at photos and describe the weather
Give and accept advice p53 - conversation
But, or, so, p54 Tell me two things about a picture using two of "But", "or" or "so".
Vacation activities p55 What do you like to do on vacation
Pack for a trip to _____ p56 What will you pack?
Possessive pronouns p60 Describe a picture using pronouns and possessive pronouns.
A trip I went on - speech

Unit 5
A famous person from this list p65 Tell me 3 things about a famous person with one of these jobs.
Agree & disagree p67 - conversation
Past events p68 & 74 Tell me about a past event (4 things).
My hero p70 - speech

Unit 6
Tell me about your memory p79 How good is your memory? Why do you think so?
varying levels of certainty p81  Tell me 4 things about me that are not sure about.
Varying levels of certainty p81 - conversation 
I forget p82 Tell me a story about forgetting something.
A childhood memory p83 - speech, tell me three points
My sleep habits, dreams and nightmares - speech
sleep, fall asleep, go to bed, go to sleep, wake up, get up Tell me about your sleep
First, next, then, last:p89 Give me four instructions to make something.

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